bearing factory in Chinadifferent structures.

  • methacrylate)s bearing bridged- and fused-ring structures

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  • Fracture of Engineering Materials Structures -

    200294-ABSTRACT Owing to difficult economical conditions, machines and structures often have to be used beyond the design lifetime. In this study,

  • Thinlycapitalisedstructureshavelongsinebeenconsidered

    2016106-Synthesis of Cycloparaphenylenes Bearing Furan‐2,5‐diyl or 2,2’‐Bifuran‐5,5’‐diyl Units in the Macrocyclic Structures

  • Steel Structures in Seismic Areas--《China Earthquake

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  • Different Bearing Strata--《Journal of Building Structures

    200261-The mechanism and technology of post grouting in bearing stratum under bored pile tip are briefly introduced at first in this paper. The lay

  • Soil in Shanghai Region--《JOURNAL OF BUILDING STRUCTURES

    In this paper driven and jacked piles in non-uniform ground consisting of clayey and silty soils in Shanghai region have been studied. The bearing

  • Pore structure and fractal characterization of main coal-

    Pore structure and fractal characterization of main coal-bearing synclines in western Guizhou, ChinaAuthor: Ren, Pengfei Xu, Hao Tang, Dazhen Li, Yukui